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William Ezra Linwood Candler Bowlen

William Ezra Linwood Candler Bowlen

William Ezra “Linwood” Candler Bowlen  (1859-1865)

Little Linwood was the son of Felicia Edmonia Candler and Dr. George W. Bowlen.  Dr. Bowlen was a prominent civil war doctor that practiced in Barnesville, MD.  Linwood is buried in a remote cemetery in Barnesville located on Barnesville Road.  It was once owned and maintained by The Barnesville Methodist Church. From the looks of the site it appears that no one is maintaining the site.

At the time of his death, the family were Methodist.  His death propelled Dr. Bowlen to study religion and made the decision to switch religions to Catholicism.  This would explain why he is not buried with the remainder of the family at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Barnesville. 

Rest in peace little one.